SHOOT-OFF Claudia Kraus
SHOOT-OFF Claudia Kraus
SHOOT-OFF Claudia Kraus
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Claudia Kraus, born 1970, is a visual artist living and working in Vienna. She studied communication sciences and
psychology at the University of Vienna, focusing on the relationship between psychology and art.

She has developed an artistic language that evolved from her paintings and drawings. The photographs themselves
are mostly no more than sketches or starting points for an intuitive process in which she re-interprets, distorts and abstracts her subject. Her works are characterized by an intense play with light and shadow, soft shapes and textures.

Claudia Kraus explores many themes that are rooted in her interest in the human mind and our connection to the world:
Isolation, solitude, the relationship between humans and nature, the symbolism of nature’s processes and rhythms.

In her circle „ages:changes“ she worked on the phenomenon of growing and aging.

In the series „land escapes” the open spaces evoke an inward turn and internal dialogue – even some kind of spiritual experience.
They enable an escape from density and overflow.

In some of her latest works like „shapes and lines“ (2016) she focuses on structure and contrast, a theme that she already explored in her drawings.

Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Austria and internationally, including Hungary, Australia and the USA. She is represented by TOBE Gallery/Budapest since 2014.


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